Getting in shape
is hard for the busy man

Life getting in the way of your fitness goals? 

​Happens to us all. You see, most training plans don’t take your specific needs into account. But what are they?

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More About Alan:

Alan has made a name for himself as one of the premier trainers in the UK. Recognising quite early in his career, the real needs of his client's ran much deeper than training plans and meal plans. Getting to the core of each of clients blockers and limiting beliefs about themselves has been the secret to his success...

3 Things I Will NEVER DO

Starve You

Any "trainer"in the world can make you lose weight by restricting calories, be it from low carb diets, juice diets & detox diets. The skill of a top coach... getting results while still eating  your favourite foods! (Yes, that does mean a takeaway)

B.S. You

I'm not one to sugar coat anything. My reputation and results stem from having an open & honest relationship with each of my clients. Giving you straight talking guidance on what you need to do so that you know how to achieve what you want.

Make You Skinny

Yes I could... but no I won't. One of my major passions about helping you is that I'm all about sustainability. I have no interest in working with people who want to look like this as it is short sighted, dangerous & frankly... it bores me.

Real People, Real Lives, Real Results

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What Marta has Achieved:

“Hey! My name is Marta, I am 29 years old and I work full time!

In the picture on the left I was 197 kg.I was so unhappy with how I looked, what I thought of myself and how I felt. 

1 year later I have lost so much weight, but I have also gained so much strength, confidence and happiness!!

I was so shy and when I first started in the gym and only wanted to workout in the corner so no one would see me. But now I love lifting weights and want to spend all my time squatting, deadlifting and bench pressing!!

I would never in a million years thought I would love working out, nevermind being in the middle of the weights area which would have scared me stiff!!

The change in how I speak to myself, in how I see myself and how I feel about myself is so profound I can hardly put into words ”

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What Mehdi has Achieved:

“Hey! My name is Mehdi, I'm a father of 2 and I work full time!

I guess you can say everything about me was quite typical:

I played sport when I was younger and was relatively fit, went to Uni then once I was working full time and establishing my career everything became about eating out, eating on the go & too much social drinking 

Before I knew it I got married became a dad and with that came the the dreaded "dad bod" - I hated being such a cliche.

I knew it had to change, having no energy to play with my kids, no energy to spend quality time with my wife, not fitting in to any of my clothes was all starting to really affect me.

I'm so proud of what I achieved so far and I feel the best I have in years!

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