How Good Would It Feel To Finally Eliminate Back Pain & Never Stress About Your Back "Going On You" Ever Again?

Does it ever feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and yet nothing is giving you relief for the pain you're in, or a solution that will fix your back issue??

Did you find that even though you tried to find the best physio, chiropractor, osteopath etc, you could find, you're still in pain?

Unfortunately, I know your problem all too well.

As a someone who has broken his back, slipped two discs & had years of sciatica, I've struggled with whole “back pain nightmare” myself.

If you're serious about relieving your back pain, realigning your posture and improving flexibility, I've got great news, you're in the right place, but first....

Lets's talk about the real reason you're here

1. You're Fed UP struggling with constant back pain - sometimes suffering for years.

2. You're Overwhelmed & Confused about the vast amount of conflicting information about "best stretches for lower back" and why they aren't helping you

3. You're Low On Confidence, you used to be really fit, active and full of energy & casting your mind back to those days is only making you realise how far you've let your health slip.

This isn't surprising.

I did the exact same thing. I was once a European ranked Muay Thai fighter until I broke my back and slipped two discs. After my injury I couldn't even put my socks on. I was furious that my body gave up on me and with each pound I gained I kept comparing myself to how I was, which only made me feel worse.

Think about it:

Did you ever dream that you'd be googling "lower back stretches" at this stage of your life? Or feel inadequate when scrolling through social media or looking at other men your age & see how physically capable they are?

F&*k no, of course not. And yet that''s how you and many other lives their life, day after day, year after year. You're sick of it, but most of all you're sick of letting yourself down, knowing that the best you isn't been shown.

But what if life was different?

Imagine A Different Kind Of Morning To The One You Had Yesterday...

You get out of bed & put some nice workout clothes on, you put your headphones in and instead of listening to the Rocky soundtrack to go "Beast Mode", you pull up your new program I have sent you. What's on it today? You scroll through and see it that it's a breathing technique to take tension out of your muscles before you to 15 min of mobility. There's a funky little hip stretch in there with a note that says "for your tight left hip flexor" - it really hits the spot. 15 min later you feel lose, limber and mobile.

You check in and let me know you've completed it and leave a note for me, I reply as always with a note of encouragement.

After your mobility session you grab a shower and check in to see what options you have for breakfast from your personalised meal plan... eggs, bacon and avocado or a fruit & veg smoothie?

You've an early call so you go with the smoothie, you can have eggs and bacon tomorrow.

This Is Not A Fantasy Day For Others, This Can Be Yours Too

No matter what your lifestyle is, you can still get the results you want and live a happier, healthier pain free life - even if you've tried and failed in the past.

In Bulletproof Back I Remove All The Guesswork & Build You A Customised Program Based On Your Bodies Needs - No Matter Your Schedule or Experience

It's Based On Your Needs

Unlike most programs you'll see online, everything I do is customised to your schedule and physical needs. After a full movement and posture analysis do I then create a plan that will realign you, correct muscle imbalances, improve mobility and strengthen your core. Everything is based on your needs.

Coaching with care

I know first hand the impact back pain can have on your life which is why I am with you every step of the way. We will speak every day so check in on whats working, what may need to change, support & guidance. It is an honor to be apart of your journey & want you to feel supported every pain free step of the way.

No More Fear & Anxiety

I used to be so afraid to do anything in case my back went on me. So many of the men that start my program have this same fear. With Bulletproof Back you will start rebuilding the confidence you once had in your body and start enjoying life again

Adjusted For Your busy Lifestyle

Travel for work? No access to equipment? No matter what you've going on in your life, I can adjust your plan so you can stay consistent and progressing.

Results That Last

I'm not one for quick fixes, I play the long game and require a 3 month minimum commitment (of course, you are welcome to stay longer of you like) Why? Because I've coached 1000's of men and have found that it requires 3 months to start creating sustainable results. I believe in solutions that last, and for you to get results that you keep for life. In fact, most of my clients stay for a full year or more, just to keep creating positive changes and taking on new challenges that make them feel confident and powerful.


My #1 priority here is your happiness. Which means I stand by my program 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no buts. If you have a problem, I will solve it. Refund it. Send you new socks. Whatever it take. Just reach out to me. I'm here for you. Happiness Gauranteed.

I Don't Just Care About Workouts, I Care About you


Here are some of my Results

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Alan O'Mahony, and I was once in your shoes.

Since 2005, where I cracked vertebrae, prolapsed two discs and years of sciatica, I've re-built my body to be fit, strong, lean and pain free. I have worked with 1000's of men to transform their health, eliminate their back pain and improved the quality of their life

My Bulletproof Back Coaching Program is NOT for Everyone

I only work with people that I'm 100% Sure I can Help

Who this is for Who this is not for
People who are highly committed. If you are dedicated to making this work, I am delighted to work with you each step of the way Time Wasters. I speak to everyone in person before they join my program & therefore I only want to speak if you are ready to start now
People looking for quick fixes. No such thing when it comes to back issues, precision movements along with patience is needed. People who make Excuses. A plan is only as good as the person who does it, if all your doing is telling me why you're not doing it, we won't work.
People who trust the process & who are open to trying new things. Deal Chasers. Need someone cheaper? You'll find them, easily. I value what I do and how I deliver my services, I only work with people who value that too.
Action Takers People who are ready to start right now & start feeling better! People who are Uncoachable. Think you know it all? Then why are you here? Having an open mindset to learn & do new things is a must

Some More Results

A Year From Now, You'll Be One Year Older. Will You Also Be One Year Better?

Even though I have been coaching clients for years, I still find it amazing what people can accomplish when they stop trying to figure everything out on their own and start following a personalised program.

Tight muscles loosen, weak muscles strengthen, the body starts to realign and move optimally & aches and pains disappear.

These breakthroughs only happen when you’re able to let go of the stress of trying to do everything on your own—and instead put your trust in a proven process.

It reminds me of a the popular Einstein quote:


We’ve all heard this, of course. But have you ever stopped to really think about it? Have you ever considered whether or not it applies to your life?

Are you doing the same thing over or nothing at all? (which is the same thing over)

Do you struggle to find a solution to getting any bit of relief?

If so, I can help. I’ve worked with over 1,000 people in the past few years, and know what it takes to get real, long-lasting results. Results that impact your life in a powerful way.

You’ve read this far, so you’ve already seen my process and my results. Chances are good that I can help you, too.

I'm ready to take the stress off your plate and help you finally get you moving and feeling the way deserve.

But the next step is yours.

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